Utz Sci-Fi-Look


CustomerGeorg Utz GmbH
MediumWeb & Print
TechniqueCinema4D, Substance Stager

Utz‘s containers and pallets are full of innovation. Built-in RFID chips, sophisticated folding mechanisms, as well as extremely light weight and high durability distinguish all products in equal measure.

Time for a new product visualization style that is as innovative as the products themselves.


Innovation as the central theme

After research and analysis of the market situation, the range of use, the target audience, and their demands for the product. The definition of the requirements of the yet to be developed design emerged.
The following points became apparent: The product visualization should stand out clearly from the competition. The design should highlight the innovative products of the manufacturer and allow graphic variety at the same time. Additionally, it should become clear that the Georg Utz GmbH is one of the global players in custom-made packaging solutions for automated and digitized logistic processes.


3D renderings with holographic HUD

After receiving the construction data of the products from the customer it was first converted into FBX format via Cinema 4D. The much smaller data size of the 3D models can easily be processed further, and the model can be imported into Adobe® Substance 3D Stager.

Model with materials only
Textured model
Complete rendering with effects
Patrick Dolinski
Due to rapid technological development, visualizations are being used in more and more industries. In most cases, the digital representation of products is the cheaper alternative to classic, physical product presentations.
Patrick Dolinski
Chairman, CDO

Here we take a first look at the materials or surfaces of the model. Color and surface type must match the real product and might need to be adjusted. In the next step the product will be positioned correctly and turned in the right direction. Now we’ll work on the lighting. For this, different light types – like point, spot, and area lights – are placed in the software to highlight the product. Next a background for the product is created for each product individually. Futuristic looking technical devices, some of which are place directly on the product, and spacious rooms which look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie make the composition a feast for the eyes.
The finishing touch are the holographic HUD elements. These are placed in Photoshop after the rendering and catapult the products into the future.
The result is a unique sci-fi look.


On all communication channels

The newly designed products are an inherent part of many Utz media by now. The first publication happened in the in-house app and the images then found a spot on the website and the manufacturer’s social media channels. Finally, the newly designed products adorned the print catalog with their “future look”.

SciFi Icon

Proven products.
Innovative imagery.

Thermal box container carried by drones
Thermoformed component holders
RAKO container carried by flying drones
SLC container in front of futuristic car
KLT container with and without lid
Eurowave container with and without lid