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Why tailormade software solutions stimulate and increase the digital head start of your company.

Digital sales tools

Tools should be there for you not the other way around

When digitizing sales, solutions today are still short-lasting and compartmentalized. The status quo is PowerPoint presentations and PDF files. Individual aspects are pressed into rigid paradigms dictated by off-the-shelf software that often doesn’t match the requirements of your company. Why not work with all options of digitalization?

Your requirements should be the starting point. Sales software should support your sales department with exactly the features it requires. Digital marketing materials must communicate the advantages of your products clearly and effectively. Only via individual solutions can your sales strategy truly evolve.

Positive impacts

Digital transformation is worth it

Catalogs, trade fairs and showrooms – current sales tools are not obsolete, but they can be taken a step further. Digital tools are often more flexible and striking either as a replacement or as support for traditional communications.

As seasoned experts in digital communication we will develop tailor-made solutions for your business together with you. Design, 3D visualization, and video editing: our apps and websites expertise from all relevant areas comes together as one.

Theodor Bräutigam
More than half off mid-tier companies in Germany have adjusted their business model through digitalization.
Theodor Bräutigam

Positive impacts of digitalization measures

Simplified processes
52 %
Service and product quality
47 %
41 %
40 %
Operating income
41 %
Client satisfaction
50 %
Acquisition of new customers
50 %
Improvements in companies with continuous digitalization (percent of companies with the stated improvement). Quelle: Digitalisierungsindex Mittelstand 2019/2020

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