Utz Content Viewer

Utz Content Viewer

Giving the sales team access to all media everywhere
CustomerGeorg Utz Holding AG
MediumMobile & Desktop App
TechniqueReact Native, Electron, WebGL

The Utz Content Viewer is the in-house sales platform of the Georg Utz Holding AG for all important media for customers and the sales team. Users are empowered to download all available media making 3D models, brochures, and magazines accessible even when there is no active internet connection. Concise filter options and convenient favorite lists enhance the navigation abilities.

Special functions like trade fair forms or internal media are hidden behind a login.


Consistent Look and Feel with a platform dependent layout

The Utz Content Viewer features a platform dependent layout which has been adapted to the requirements over the years. The basic navigation paradigm is based on the platform the application runs on. All other components share functionality and design across all platforms using React-Native. This reduces the development overhead and allows a consistent look and feel on multiple platforms.

Tablet with Utz Content Viewer
Tablet with Utz Content Viewer
Tablet with Utz Content Viewer
Tablet with Utz Content Viewer
Tablet with Utz Content Viewer


Shared codebase thanks to React-Native and Electron

The entire project is based on React-Native and Expo with Election.
Through the Electron integration (desktop application with a JavaScript runtime and embedded browser) a desktop application (Windows and MacOS) can be created with a few tweaks.
The Expo framework does a lot of the heavy lifting on mobile platforms since it not only handles a lot of the functionality (e.g., camera access, file system…) but also the updates. This allows for updates to be deployed either via the app stores or over-the-air. These updates can be deployed to all platforms simultaneously and instantaneously.

Originally Content Viewer only made 3D models from the Utz 3D platform (which is also developed and maintained by us) available offline. Over the years more than requirements and features have found their way into the application. Because of this it was necessary to support a continuous development process with test environment and quality control.


For Windows and mobile devices

The App can be downloaded from all established app stores. A dedicated landingpage helps to select the respective platform.

To deploy the app companywide (Windows, Active Directory, Device Management…) a standalone installer must be supplied. For the Windows and Mac OS applications were using a dedicated EV-Code-Signing Certificate with a hardware token along with the usual developer certificates (Apple, Microsoft). This ensures that the software the users install was developed by us.


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