Professional email templates for Outlook
CustomerRosti, Alchemisten (White Label)
MediumWhitelabel Platform
TechniqueTypeScript, React, Grapes JS/MJML, AWS, Office-Add-Ins-Plattform

ProMail allows users to send emails based on self-created templates. Not only does it look impressive, but it also offers the ability to integrate content from a variety of connected sources. The add-in integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and gets its content from a custom template administration backend. Initially the software was developed for Rosti, but the technical foundation and design were engineered from the ground up as a white-label product.


Seamless integration with Fluent-UI

The add-in was always supposed to integrate seamlessly with Outlook’s interface. Therefore, Microsoft’s cross-platform UI library „Fluent UI“ was used to entrench the design in the Office world. The administration backend, however, was supposed to have its own design language and be easily adaptable to the customer’s color schemes.


Drag-and-Drop thanks to Grapes JS

The frontend for the administration backend and the add-in itself was developed using React. Since the styled templates had to work on mobile devices the drag-and-drop editor Grapes JS was combined with the mail framework MJML. MJML provides high-level components to build the document structure which are converted into responsive HTML/CSS layouts usable on common email clients. The administration backend offers multi-language support, media upload, folder management and an email preview.


Outlook Add-In with web management

The add-in is available for Outlook on Windows, Mac Desktop, and within the Outlook web application. The template administration backend was developed using a range of AWS cloud technologies. The entire system can be deployed to an unlimited range of instances in a short amount of time.