Obic Explanation Video Secure Emails

Obic Explanation Video
Secure Emails

CustomerVoss Schnitger Steenken Bünger & Partner
TechniqueMarker, Photoshop, After Effects

Voss Schnitger Steenken Bünger & Partners, (Obic for short) offers up to date advice on all aspects of tax and corporate law, as well as auditing. They have 30 consultants and 250 employees at their headquarters in Oldenburg and 5 other locations available to advise medium size companies.



Safety first!

Obic regularly sends personal data to their clients by email, which must not be disclosed to third parties. These are encrypted and can only be opened by the recipient using a login password. Our task was to develop a video that explains the necessity of these “secure emails&rdqou; and the handling on the recipient side in an entertaining way. Obic uses the figure of a “business hero&rdqou; in their communication - appropriately enough, he also stands up for clients' data security in our clip.


Customised heroic entertainment

Firstly, we scrutinised the customer briefing and filtered out all the individual steps that needed to be implemented using images and text. We then combined these into a short story about our &ldqou;business hero&rdqou;. We harmonised the concept using a tabular storyboard that provided an overview of the planned interaction of the components. After the release, we created individual illustrations based on sketches.

The hand-drawn illustrations were then digitised and optimised for the explanatory video. Illustrations, text and the spoken text created in parallel were merged in Adobe After Effects.


Personal and public

After finalising the film, it was published on YouTube. Obic sent the link to the 1.5-minute explanatory video to their clients in an info mail.

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