Besten Service App

Besten Service App

CustomerBeielstein GmbH
MediumAndroid & iOS App
TechniqueReact Native, Expo, NestJs, AWS

Besten Service simplifies interaction in the home technology sector with a user-friendly app that directly connects customers and service providers. It is very easy to use: by scanning the QR code on the device, it is registered in the app. Various pre-prepared service forms are then available, which customers can use to initiate service requests quickly and effortlessly.

Besten Service App


Simplicity is the focus

The Besten Service app eliminates the need for time-consuming coordination through phone calls or sending images via email. It is designed to make use as uncomplicated as possible. Devices can be integrated into the app simply by scanning a QR code. The app then provides specific forms that ask for all the necessary information. Users can take a photo of the device’s error code directly in the app and send it together with the corresponding form. Processed requests remain visible in the app.

During the graphic implementation, the focus was on a clear visual structure that also reflects Besten Service’s corporate design in order to effectively combine user-friendliness and brand identity.

Besten Service App


Cross-platform compatibility

The app offers support for iOS and Android through the use of React Native and Expo, which enables efficient development of cross-platform functions. A special feature is the integration of JSON Forms, which allows forms to be obtained dynamically directly from the backend and rendered in the app. This technology means that users do not need to update the app to make changes to the forms, which significantly improves flexibility and user-friendliness.


Flexible cloud infrastructure provided by AWS

The backend of the app runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a solution that ensures a high degree of flexibility in adapting to changes and simplifying future expansions. AWS provides a robust and scalable infrastructure that allows the app performance to be efficiently managed and optimized to meet user requirements.